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A Digital Marketing Strategy - Attracting New Clients

This blog explores how event promoters can use all manner of social media tools to to attract competitors to their events

As an organiser, event promotion is so much more than a few photographs on Facebook. A combination of elements is required to retain athlete confidence and attract newcomers. You may have already analysed why your event has the potential to grow, maybe offering a unique challenge or experience, others in the marketplace fail to provide. A digital marketing strategy will allow you present those unique elements to your target audience encouraging sign up and importantly, a wider shared appreciation of your efforts. You could consider the following…


With no limit to the amount of free storage and video quality available, YouTube is an ideal catalogue and library of your event history. Your presence and achievement on this medium can be measured by the number of views and subscribers to your channel. The numbers only ever increase!

A new prospect, curious to your event will often reach out to YouTube and take a look here first, before signing on the dotted line. Unlike Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, the tags, tiles and description allow the user to find what they are looking for easily.

In recent years, the introduction of Smart TV’s and YouTube’s move to allow 4K video to be uploaded has meant that prospective clients have the option to watch cinematic event quality on screens far larger than their computer equivalents. Poor quality YouTube footage, simply doesn’t cut the mustard.

Facebook & Twitter

These are the channels of the present and future. By building a following on these platforms, you establish a brand that is vibrant and enticing. Posts should be regular and informing. Not every post should be selling your event formats, but educating and entertaining. You can still use YouTube as the backbone of your film content, choosing to show or hide the clips you upload and sharing the link. By doing this, you will continue to generate views further building your credibility. Importantly, by posting a link to Facebook or Twitter you guarantee the quality of the image that YouTube provides as the other platforms will chose their own quality scaling for you.


Instagram is popular and as a digital marketeer you will realise that footage is designed to suit on-the-move watching. With smartphone screens, comes the move to a reversed aspect ratio of 9:16, a longer, narrower picture. Embracing this audience means that your message has to be short and often dynamic, taking up no longer that 60 seconds of viewing time. Flashbacks from the event, short interviews and mini adverts work well here.


There is no doubt that your website is a credible shop window that offers the detail to an interested party. Most website CMS (Content Management Systems) will allow you to organise your YouTube channel into a suitable gallery, with no additional storage costs and allow last years event video to be shown against the sign-up page for each event. Just one more way to make it easy for your potential audience to see what they are investing in.

e-Mail Marketing

No one appreciates spam emails, but there are two clear opportunities to entice an audience to your event. The first, is to have gated capture on your website or Facebook to allow the athlete to opt-in to your marketing. The second, is request opt-in for further marketing when a person signs up for a race. If you hold quality events, it will be so much easier for an already committed client to re-sign and hopefully, spread the word.

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