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To Drone or Not to Drone – that is the Question?

The use of drones is now a regular occurrence, you see them everywhere! In parks, on the beach, at sporting events, quite simply the footage is so impressive that having dodged the drone for over four years my business has finally succumb to the wanton cry of my customers.

The weather

The rules are pretty simple. Drones don’t fly in the rain. Unlike fixed wing aircraft, the build up of water on a multiple rotor does not a happy flying machine make. You also need to take into consideration the wind. Each aircraft has its own wind speed maximum, for most models the cut off is around 15-18mph. Gusting winds at higher altitudes can send a drone off course very easily, bypassing the amazing GPS facility that enables a steady and stable flight.

People you are filming

The important thing with people is safety comes first. When planning the best way to get cinematic footage of a sporting event we need to take into consideration the proximity of people. During take off and landing we aim to be a minimum of 30mtrs away from people or property, so when you are are planning your start and finish lines, consider if its possible to have a zone for operations. Once in the air we’ll increase the distance to 50mtrs and avoid flying over people.


The event organiser will have direct contact with the landowner and you will need to ask for permission to fly, in reality this is just to confirm you are allowed to take off and land on private property. Your certified drone pilot will check the legislation for the area including the proximity to airports and air notifications.

Weight and the get out of jail free card

Not all drones are subject to licencing and legislation. Smaller drones under 249grams in weight can be flown even when tight restrictions and limits are present. Surprisingly the quality and resolution of the DJI Mini 2 means that almost every situation can now be accommodated. But, safety is the last word in every situation.

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